Womanfruit - Taste Life!

Womanfruit explores the sweet and sexy co-mingling of body, heart and mind

I conceived Womanfruit inspired by my own sense of wonder and my explorations as a dancer, mother, yogini and artist, into the relationship between eros, art, and consciousness. Womanfruit is a resource of meaningful, inspiring, and thought-provoking news, art, and articles about sex, love & relationship, feminism, and mindfulness(consciousness?), freshly picked for those of you who may be wondering too.

Is womanfruit just for women?

No! Womanfruit celebrates women as well as the feminine principal in our cultures and our natures: the erotic, pro-creative, inclusive and intelligent force that constantly moves everything.

I invite you to take a big juicy bite, take your time, savoring the many flavors, aromas and textures. Drink in the juices and, if you are lucky enough to get a few seeds, plant them in your garden, or share them with a friend.